OROS provides Instruments, Software and Services dedicated to your Demanding World

Reliability and efficiency are your ambition everyday. We know you require the same for your measurement instruments: comprehensive solutions providing performance and assurance, designed to fit the challenges of your demanding world. Discover OROS Noise and Vibration testing systems for Energy and Process, etc.


Energy & Process

Whatever the source is water, steam or wind, measuring vibrations efficiently and accurately on turbines is a key issue. The choice for a trustworthy analyzer is crucial for both manufacturers and power operators.
Acceptance tests are to be carried out with the highest possible efficiency. Integrating run ups and coast downs, systematic test procedures including dynamic and static parameters are carried out. A powerful integrated multianalyzer allows these tests to be achieved in a minimum amount of time.



Automotive noise and vibration is a major concern for everyone: driver, passenger, and bystander. Excessive amounts of noise and/or vibration harshness (NVH) can lead to poor product perception and influence sales. To avoid these issues, many automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers spend millions testing NVH each year. If your company is willing to invest this much money to control NVH, isn’t it worth it to use the best test equipment possible? OROS has proven for more than 30 years the outstanding performance of their analyzers.


Manufacturing & Automation

The manufacturing industries carry many operations that generate unwanted noise and vibrations. Such phenomenons are more than just parasites; they can alter the production quality, especially in machining.
Noise and vibration have multiple sources in a machine. They may come from structural or torsional resonance, transmission effects as well as inappropriate force and speed. OROS provides a complete solution line to understand, localize and reject these interferences. Based on multi-analysis capabilities, the roots of issues are clear and easily controlled.



Answering the global economy, ship transportation is continuously growing, and the military demand for silent and powerful warships is continuous. The shipbuilding industry has more and more demand for larger and faster ships. The latest propulsion innovations (Pods, turbine powered) as well as the building technologies need more measurements to be qualified and validated. Classical recorders or basic analysis systems cannot meet such demanding acquisitions and analyses. OROS helps you facing such vibration analysis challenges.



Whenever dealing with aerospace or defense vehicles, a test is always costly and must be accomplished in a short time window. At the development stage of aircraft wing structures or satellites, measurements such as modal analysis, often based on multiple shaker excitation, must be successful the first time and data stored safely and securely.


Education & Universities

Knowledge in sound and vibration is in continuous progress. This is thanks to the involvement of universities, providing research work and competent engineers ready to tackle the challenges of the industry. Because that is where everything starts, OROS has always given great care into providing instruments designed for university applications. Flexibility, openness, direct access to results, and, of course, quality and accuracy are key points to let education and research professionals carry their mission with the best level of performance.