Digital Laser Doppler Vibrometers For Non-Contact Vibration Measurement

OptoMET laser Doppler vibrometers are high-precision instruments for non-contact vibration measurements: Whether for single point or full field measurements, on reflective or non-reflective surfaces, from microstructures to entire buildings – the modular OptoMET systems are the ideal solution for virtually any vibration measurement application. Please contact us for more information.



Heterodyne inteferometer
Digital signal processing
End-to-end digital workflow


Easy Handling

Non-contact / non-reactive
All-in-One Design / portable
GBit Ethernet interfacing



Different objective lenses/ fiber heads
Flexible decoder system
Flexible connectivity

Single-Point Laser Vibrometer

A single-point vibrometer enables quick and easy measurements of the vibration parameters of displacement, velocity and acceleration at one measurement point in the direction of the laser beam.

OptoMET offers the choice of both state-of-the-art SWIR and traditional HeNe laser vibrometers.

Our innovative SWIR technology also enables demanding measurement tasks such as measurements on dark, rough or biological measurement objects without surface treatment. It is also very well suited for high-frequency and high-speed measurements.

Difficult to access measurement points or harsh environmental conditions are the specialty of our fiber-optic vibrometers with compact and robust measuring heads.

Scanning Laser Vibrometer

Scanning laser Doppler vibrometry is an advanced measurement technique for the visualization of vibrations on the surface of nearly any object. Scanning laser Doppler vibrometers (SLDV) from OptoMET work on the non-contact measurement principle and provide extremely accurate data and valuable insight into dynamic behavior of vibrating structures. They can measure and visualize vibration shapes and eigenmodes, capture the propagation of surface waves, validate FEM models, characterize vibration processes and determine modal parameters.

Measurement and Analysis Software

The OptoMET software components are designed to optimize the use of the OptoMET laser Doppler vibrometers. They provide intuitive to use modules for measurement acquisition, data visualization, analysis and export. The OptoMET software can be remotely control OptoMET Laser Vibrometer which can be networked via the Ethernet interface. Users benefit from the maximum dynamic range of the OptoMET laser Doppler vibrometers in a consistently digital workflow.

Service and Support

Our support team assists you in ensuring that your OptoMET laser Doppler vibrometer retains its performance over its entire service life. OptoMET offers different calibration and customized maintenance options as well as repair for your instrument when accidents happen. Our team of technology specialists are available to support your unique application needs and answer technical questions when you’re faced with challenges.