Custom Engineered Solutions

” Lansmont has established an impressive global installed customer base for our standard product offerings. Our talented Engineering team has also delivered a large number of Custom-Engineered Solutions. Below we highlight some of the custom solutions we’ve delivered to customers over the years. ”

Custom Shock Solutions

Lansmont delivers the 122-213K Shock Test System. This machine’s 122cm x 213cm, 8,000 lb. capacity test bed represents the largest fully capable Damage Boundary test system Lansmont has ever assembled. Supercomputers are now easily and entirely tested on Lansmont super machines!

Custom Vibration Solutions

The Model 56000 High Performance Vibration System includes two 48 x 48 in. (122 x 122 cm) tables. Each table is fitted to actuators controlled by Lansmont’s High Performance Servo Valves (HPSV). The two tables can be used individually with performance to 500 Hz., or controlled in unison to provide a 48 x 96 in. (122 x 244 cm) test surface capable of handling 8000 lbs. (3628 kg).