” Vibration Test Systems are used to evaluate resonant frequencies of product and package designs and simulate the random vibration that occurs in the distribution or in-use environment. Lansmont’s Vibration Test Systems are simple to operate safely and can perform a wide range of vibration tests in accordance with government, industry and corporate specifications. ”

Vertical Vibration Systems

Lansmont’s Vertical Vibration Systems are widely utilized for product and packaging evaluations in accordance with industry vibration testing specifications. Whether you are testing bare products, individual packages, full pallet loads, or much larger crated systems, Lansmont has a vibration system model that is perfect for your testing applications.

TouchTest Vibration Controller
Lansmont’s TouchTest Vibration Controller completely integrate all of the test hardware, operating controls, data analysis and reporting functions. The system can perform random vibration, Field-to-Lab® simulations, resonance search and dwell, sine sweep and repetitive bounce, all under closed-loop computer control.