Aerospace and Defense

Mission-critical assets must undergo rigorous testing to verify they are rugged enough to maintain functionality and integrity. Lansmont has the testing and measurement technology needed to characterize and replicate these harsh environments.


Cars promise to be the power of dreams, engineered to perfection, even sheer driving pleasure. Before they zoom, zoom, zoom, a lot of pieces and parts have to arrive safely at manufacturing facilities all over the world. The vehicles and their components then have to survive within their extreme operating environments throughout their lifetime. Lansmont Equipment and Instruments are helping to reduce damage and optimize transport solutions in a global manufacturing environment.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics have evolved greatly in the last couple decades, both in their format and in their operation. The various devices and their electronics need to be durable and reliable. The consumer electronics market represents Lansmont’s largest installed customer base and continues to drive Lansmont product innovation.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods can be thought of as anything you can purchase at a grocery store or market–food, beverages, cleaning products, etc. These consumable products face unique challenges as they are produced, transported, and used by the consumer. L ansmont technology is used by the world’s leading consumer goods companies as they develop and validate the performance of various product solutions.

Energy Technologies

Energy Technologies includes a broad spectrum of power generation and energy storage industry sectors–batteries, oil and gas, solar, nuclear, wind. Lansmont Equipment and Instruments are used in all of these energy sectors for measuring and monitoring shipping and in-use dynamics, as well as simulating many of the harsh conditions that exist in these environments.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Regulatory requirements mandate that healthcare companies ensure their packaging and shipping containers are well designed. Lansmont Field-to-Lab® methodology is the perfect guideline for scientifically and confidently developing a validated packaging system.

Protective Packaging

Lansmont has the knowledge, technology and methodologies necessary to measure and simulate the shipping and handling environment. This is key information and capability needed to develop and design protective packaging.

University & Research Partners

Lansmont created a Liaison Program to further our cooperation and interaction with the research and education community. Qualifying partners are provided with preferential access to Lansmont technology and support services. In return, we ask that our technology is used to teach current testing and measurements applications.