Basic Knowledge

[To Calculate Force Output]

For right System Model selection, the Force Output needed to carry out the required tests is to be calculated. The following formula is used for Force Output calculation:

F =(m₀ + M₁ + M₂)A

F : Force Output 〔N〕
A : Acceleration 〔m/s²〕
m₀ : Weight of Bare Table 〔kg〕
M₁ : Weight of Aux. Table and/or Fixture if any 〔kg〕
M₂ : Weight of Specimen 〔kg〕

When the test acceleration is unknown, the following formula is used. (Only for Sine tests)
A = 2πfV
A =(2πf)² D

f : Frequency 〔Hz〕
V : Velocity 〔m/s〕
D : Displacement 〔m0-p〕
A : Acceleration 〔m/s²〕

[About SI Units]

The SI Units, recognized internationally at present, are used in this Catalogue.
The following table is a conversion table from the conventional units to the SI Units:


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