G-0 Series Vibration Test Systems for General Purposes


A Variety of Choices

The G-0 Series Vibration Test Systems (VTSs), core systems of SHINKEN, have a variety of choices according to customer’s requirements with force output ranging from 1kN to 200kN and a choice of the guide systems from mechanical bearing, air-bearing and hydro-static bearing systems.

Usable for a Wide Range of General Purpose Vibration Tests

With the main features of high frequencies and high acceleration, The G-0 Series VTSs are most suited to vibration tests for vehicle and electric & electronic parts, also usable for a variety of vibration tests for general purposes by adding necessary accessories such as vertical tables and horizontal tables.

G-0220NS_Text IMG_555x84px

Bare Table Hole Patterns


Table of models


1. For the air-cooled systems with a force output of over 20kN, it is recommended that the hot air from the cooling blower be sent to
2. The last letter stands for:
N:Air Bearing Type
L:Hydro Static Bearing Type
No Letter:Mechanical Bearing Type