G-2 Series Miniature Vibration Test Systems


Usable Anywhere

Featured by compact and handy, the G-2 Series Vibration Test Systems (VTSs) can be put and used anywhere; even on a school desk (but smaller than the G-2005D) with no noisy cooling blower needed (Except the G-2050).

Expandable to…

A vertical table and/or a horizontal table can be added though the size is limited. Also instead of the standard simple sine controller, the Digital Vibration Controller D-59 Series can be used as option.

Small But for a Variety of Applications

The G-2 Series VTSs, small but consisting of a sweep oscillator, sine controller, power amplifier and vibration generator, can be used for a variety of applications; calibration of sensors, standard vibration tests for small part, school teaching materials and modal analysis.

Table of models

1. Power is to be single-phase 100V 50/60Hz. In the case of the voltage other than 100V, a proper transformer is to be supplied locally.