G-8 Series 2-axis Vibration Test Systems

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Easier Change of Vibration Directions with One-touch Switch Operation

SHINKEN 2-axis Vibration Test Systems can eliminate troublesome and time-consuming work for the specimen handling and changing vibration directions with one-touch switch operation, thus most suited to tests for large, heavy specimens.


SHINKEN 2-axis Vibration Generators(VGs) have a common table for both horizontal and vertical excitation, thus making the space needed for the VGs smaller than the conventional single-axis VGs which require two tables; especially VGs with large tables.


As it is said that vertical and the so-called ‘Major Horizontal’ excitation can precipitate over 90% of the hidden flaws, 2-axis simultaneous excitation can be a cheaper solution.

2-axis Simultaneous VTSs & 2-axis Sequential VTSs Available

In addition to 2-axis Simultaneous VTSs, 2-axis Sequential VTSs, only capable of testing axis by axis with one-touch switch-over or optionally available automatic series tests (in order of Z→X) are also available.


Also available are LB-type 2-axis Vibration Test Systems with the table size* changeable later, different from the HT- and LT-type. *But the size being limited with the VG’s size.

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Table of models

1. The upper frequency for sine is a frequency up to which the max. force output can be achieved, while that for random is a frequency
up to which a PSD random pattern having a -6dB/oct or steeper roll-off over the upper frequency for sine(or lower) can be controlled.
The lower frequencies for control and for excitation are 2Hz and 0.5Hz, respectively unless especially requested.
2. All the Power Amplifiers are of an air cooling type.
3. The HT and LT type systems having a max. force output of 2.94kN(300kgf), 6.86kN(700kgf) or 19.6kN(2,000kgf) are also available.
4. With the employment of the 1-ch Power Amplifiers instead of the 2-ch Power Amplifier, the 2-axis (Automatic) Sequential Vibration
Test Systems are also available, which can be upgraded into the Triaxial Simultaneous Vibration Test Systems in the future by adding
1-ch Power Amplifiers and necessary controllers.
5. Vibration Generators with other table sizes than shown above are also available upon request.
6. Power required is 3-phase 200/220/380/415V, 50/60Hz.
7. For better acceleration distribution on the table, the movable weight will be heavier by 10 to 30kg for addition of proper balance
8. For the G-8230 (29.4kN), air-cooled systems are available upon request.
9. For the air-cooled systems, it is recommended that the hot air from the cooling blower be sent to outside.
10. A System having a bigger force output and/or larger displacement than shown above is also available upon request.