G-9 Series Vibration Test Systems for Transportation Tests

Suitable for Vibration Tests for Large products

The main features of the large bare tables and high eccentric moment makes the G-9 Series Vibration Test Systems (VTSs) suitable mainly for transportation vibration tests for relatively large specimens, while G-9 VTSs can be used for many other purposes with various options and modifications available.

Usable Up to 2 kHz (Option)

Optionally available is 2kHz instead of standard 500 to 1,000Hz, making G-9 VTSs also usable for tests for vehicle parts and electric & electronic parts.

Relatively Easy Changeover of Vibration Directions Possible

Featured by high eccentric moment, the Vibration Generators (VGs) of the G -9 Series (except of Air-bearing type) can be used for horizontal excitation with the Horizontal Table being directly connected to the Bare Table (but with table size and loadable weight limitation). Also the Vertical Table UP-DOWN Device and VG Geared-motor Rotating Mechanism optionally available make a changeover of vibration direction relatively easy, thus shortening time and enhancing safety for changing vibration directions.


Bare Table Hole Patterns

Table of models

1. For the air-cooled systems with a force output of over 20kN, it is recommended that the hot air from the cooling blower be sent to
2. The last letter stands for:
N:Air Bearing Type
L:Hydro Static Bearing Type
No Letter:Mechanical Bearing Type