Introducing SEQUOIA new DAQ Systems and the Analysis Software SIGVIEW

SQD-41® – 4-Channel Universal Module
Small and portable, USB powered data acquisition module, ideal for high-accuracy dynamic noise, vibration, and acoustic measurements and acquisition.

FastTracer® – Triaxial Vibration Analyser
All-in-one sensor with and integrated triaxial accelerometer. Easy, fast, and ready to go.

SIGVIEW® – Acquisition and Analysis Software
SEQUOIA Partner’s Data Acquisition Software Included for Free (compatible with all their products line)

Main Features

  • 3D Visualization and Spectrogram
  • Multiple Window Complex Analysis
  • Custom 3D Filters
  • Order Analysis
  • Signal Generator
  • Time FFT with Slice Extraction
  • FRF Magnitude & Phase
  • FRF Real & Imaginary Part
  • And much more…

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