Test Partner™ 4 a new standard for acquisition and analysis of data from drop, shock and impact events.
It serves as the high performance multi-function instrument for all your transient shock and event-detection measurements. Features such as Preview Mode for checking signal integrity, and Report Builder for automated report generation, enhance your ability to acquire data and present your results efficiently.


  • 8+ analogue channels for IEPE-type acceleration measurement and event detection
  • 4+ bridge channels for strain, DC acceleration, force, load, and pressure
  • Ethernet connectivity and database architecture for increased testing throughput
  • Faster re-arming/triggering and automatic event capture/storage
  • More channels – up to 40 per chassis, expandable to 320 channels
  • 2.5 MHz sample rate for high frequency measurements including pyroshock
  • High resolution 24-bit A/D sampling