Portable Triaxial Vibration Measurement

FastTracer is the innovative portable triaxial vibration measurement and analysis solution, ideal to be used in different fields of applications such as predictive and routine maintenance, testing, structural analysis, and support to research and development, diagnostics, technical assistance and didactics.

FastTracer can be connected directly to the PC’s USB port and associates a triaxial value in the time and/or frequency domain of the vibrations of the machine being analysed with each measurement point. Thanks to the PC, the analyses and measurements performed by FastTracer can be sent via internet for remote comparison with measurement data and for centralised data storage and off-line processing.

FastTracer WiFi
The FastWI wireless option is also available for all applications at sites where installation using traditional technologies is difficult due to the distances involved or lack of access to the measurement point. This operation, essential for correct machine and plant functioning and often neglected because of its complexity, is now simple and intuitive without requiring particular expertise.

The dedicated FT Analyzer PC software, incorporated in the product, examines the acquired triaxial data by time and frequency analysis of acceleration, speed and displacement and monitors RMS calculated in accordance with ISO 10816.

The analysis software permits real-time data viewing but alsosaving of acquired data and subsequent creation of automatic reports, e.g. directly on a Microsoft® Excel® sheet with graphs and all the measurements on the three axes. Libraries and examples of how to integrate the device for NI LabVIEW™ applications are also available.

All FastTracer devices undergo stringent test procedures and are calibrated and certified by the internationally recognised Italian national institute of metrological research (INRIM).
The device also maintains calibration stability over time, unlike piezoelectric sensors, which are much less reliable. FastTracer can withstand bumps, falls and shocks during normal use in the work environment without any loss of calibration, thanks to the use of MEMS technology.
FastTracer also enables gravity acceleration reading for Fast, simple testing of correct tool operation and correct vibration readings, to guarantee certain, correct measurement.

FastTracer is ideal for those who travel a lot and always need to have an accurate, reliable data acquisition device with them. Thanks to its compact size, excellent shock resistance and practical case, the device is designed to fit inside the PC carrier case.
FastTracer is also a versatile device. It has an IP67 protection rating and can be fitted to any kind of machine using a practical magnetic anchor plate.

For further information about the various FastTracer versions, options and configurations, please click here.