Triaxial Vibration & Collision Monitoring

SeTAC (SEQUOIA Triaxial Acceleration Computer) is a compact instrument that uses MEMS technology and that, when installed directly onboard the machine as an autonomous system, provides an innovative approach to triaxial vibration monitoring for applications in the safety, quality and process control fields.

Thanks to its innovative technological settings SeTAC has overcome the pre-existing difficulties in the onboard machine vibration analysis field, drastically reducing the complexity and costs of monitoring the accelerations generated in industrial processes. Thanks to the miniaturised modern electronic components the device combines the most sophisticated signal analysis techniques in a single hardware and provides a solution for identifying specific events such as collisions, unbalances, overloads and/or wear, distinguishing them from the machine background noise using calibratable filters. Abnormal events are transmitted to the exterior through extremely fast digital alarms, as well as being recorded in an internal memory with black box functions, indicating the time and amplitude of the phenomena.

SeTAC does not need periodic calibrations as its continuous self-diagnosis system verifies correct operation and informs the user of malfunctions, guaranteeing the safety of the measurements performed at all times, throughout the device’s lifecycle.


” Shock and collision monitoring “
The response speed of electronics specifically developed to recognise abnormal collisions and vibrations allows very low output times, with rapid machine stoppage and consequent reduction in damage (digital alarm triggered less than 1 millisecond from the start of the event).

” Black box function “
The vibrations and collisions the machine is subject to are logged together with the date and amplitude of the event.

” Unbalance detection “
The detection of an unbalance generates digital alarms when the preset thresholds are exceeded (on three levels).

” Monitoring of specific mechanical parts or specific behaviours “
For instance, bearings, gears and chattering and resonance phenomena can be monitored.

” Work cycle control “
The instrument can be integrated with the machine control chain using preset vibration thresholds that modify its behaviour.