The 12th major version of NVGate is available from January 2020. This major release of the OROS Teamwork software platform welcome several new analysis modules and bring significative performance improvement.


NVGate V12.00 is compatible with all OROS instruments that have not been discontinued. Depending on the hardware options and version, some instrument features may or may not be available. This release is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 version.

The following features have been added to this NVGate release:

New Modules

NVGate V12.00 supports the operations of 3 new modules which work within the platform.

MODS Support

This latest release is a part of the Mobile DAQ System introduced by OROS in 2019. It provides all the necessary functions to work with the OR10 DAQ for both setup preparation and post-processing. It integrates the OROS DataSet management allowing high security and visibility to OR10 DAQ data that are comprehensively integrated in the Teamwork data.

NVGate V12.00 allows running any module of the OROS software suite on the OR10 DAQ in both online and post-processing.

EV/HV NVH Testing Solution

Developed in collaboration with EOMYS, a specialist of electromagnetic’ s noise & vibration, the electric NVH module enriches the platform with a toolset related to the electric motors and the associated power electronics.

Integrated in NVGate as a ribbon, the EV/HV module covers the full process from motor typology and characteristics to the identification of electric noise sources. Based on motor geometry and type, electric markers are calculated and positioned on the displays. Then, the most contributing electric wavenumbers can be determined based on the calculation of the spatiograms.

The Monitoring Solution

Machinery noise and vibration levels can often increase rapidly and unexpectedly: in particular, after a recent installation or a maintenance operation. At that stage the machine may need to be carefully monitored for a few weeks or even months. This monitoring must be autonomous when the machine is located on a remote site where it is impossible to wait for event to occur.

The Monitoring solution extracts results from the NVGate analyses at a predefine rate while checking continuously the analyzer and software operation. A reboot box is available to start and stop analyzer automatically or remotely.

NVGate Improvements

NVGate V12.00 comes with important improvements in ergonomics, performances and stability.

New functions
  • Select number of decimal digits to be displayed
  • Edition of DOF values in existing measurements
  • Calibration module: last calibrator reference memorized and visible measured level
  • Scaling all graphs at a time in multi-graph windows
  • Generic roller bearing kinematic marker database
  • Increased the number of layouts in RAM memory
  • Window colour changeable by macro
  • Large channel count setup. Faster start, load setup and save measurement
  • Import and export filters (ATFX, UFF) have been improved
  • Python toolkit compatibility for V3.7
  • Prevent PC automatic sleep while it is connected to an analyser
  • Signal file synchronization secured in cascaded mode
  • Dramatic software stability improvement
  • Torsional improvement
  • Overload indicators matches selected range peaks in any range

External Users’ Tools

OROS wishes to share tools and more with its valued customers who updated to NVGate V12.00.

For that NVGate V12.00 comes along with set of external tools:

  • Compute 2D main stress/strain value from rosette measurement
  • Create a tachometer reference from colormaps user’s drawing
  • Automatic NVGate start and reporting for production test
  • Time signal editor to remove unwanted sections
  • Batch multi-signal post-processing
  • Import .dbc for can Bus (update)
  • RT60 computation for building acoustics (update)
  • Torsional ODS visualisation

To find out more information on NVGate, the Teamwork Instruments Interface

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