The 11th major version of NVGate® is available now. This major release of the OROS 3- Series analyzer’s software platform introduces a dramatic efficiency improvement and brings several additional functionalities.


NVGate V11.00 is compatible with all OROS 3-Series instruments that have not been discontinued. Depending on the hardware options and version, some instrument features may or may not be available. This release is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 releases.

NVGATE V11.00 – GoToResults Announcement

NVGate V11.00 is a major version of the Teamwork instruments software platform. Among several enhancements, NVGate V11.00 proposes a new user experience with the intuitive “GoToResults” interface.

GoToResults is a simple, clear and efficient interface that dramatically reduces the setup time and clarify the ongoing measurement.

GoToResults covers the main N&V measurement applications: Impact hammering, Order tracking, NVH waterfall, etc.) in a modern environment.

Experts/analysts can prepare measurements through models that include instructions and instrument setup, final setup being completed on-site with the inputs, displays and save selection.

Combining DataSet Management and GoToResults, NVGate V11.00 brings strong arguments to convince prospects to join the OROS community.

Existing users will also enjoy super-fast setups including profile or waterfall displays as well as crossspectrums functions.

The original interface remains available at any time for advanced usage

In addition to GoToResults wizard, this release of NVGate, brings functional improvements such as:

  • Automatic management of multiple bandwidth signals in post processing,
  • Filters availability in the player plug-in allowing cascade of filters in post-processing,
  • Full CAN bus solution with .dbc import,
  • Signal check after acquisition with zoomed signal,
  • … and more to discover!

NVGate V11.00 has been introduced to existing customers and prospects during the validation step since May 2017. It has also been demonstrated during many exhibitions such as Automotive Testing Expos, ASME Turbo Expo, Space Tech Aero, etc. The GoToResults ease of use has been warmly welcome.

To find out more information on NVGate, the Teamwork Instruments Interface

Discover all its improvements in details you can Download NVGate V11.00 or Contact us.